Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Atlanta's Gas Crisis

For the last couple of weeks we've been living in gas hell.

After the last round of hurricanes the metro area experienced an acute shortage of gasoline. Turns out that, while the rest of the country regained supplies almost immediately, we didn't, because we require a "gourmet" type of regular gas that has a lower sulfur content and therefore is more difficult to refine.

"Require" is kind of a stretch, since we volunteered to use this "special regular" several years ago to reduce emissions. Since that time, the Federal Government apparently took our Southern graciousness for legislation and when the time came to replenish fuel supplies refused to do so since we were "required" to use this "unique" gasoline.

It all came to a head in Dahlonega last week when a guy pulled up to a gas pump, went inside to pay for his gas, and came back out to find his car moved from the pump island, out of line--he left his keys in it--and a woman pumping gas in her vehicle where his was parked just moments before.

The end result? He and the woman got into it and it came to blows, the extent of which ended up in the middle of the road before the law arrived to break up the fight.

I don't know who won. I assume the woman did, since she got the gas first.

Only in Dahlonega.

The only difference in this story and every other story up here is that this one didn't end in death...yet.

1 comment:

bella said...

that's crazy!
let me tell you, if i need to win to get gas, i'll win.

but my favorite part of the story:
"...this one didn't end in death... yet."

could not have been more perfect.