Saturday, October 25, 2008


I read several blogs. One I read daily is written by my roommate from Mercer, an elitist school he, I, and our wives attended a lifetime ago (We married roommates, too. What does that mean?).

When I finally reconnected with him, we talked about trying to meet up somewhere between my home and his. When you get older, you think this way; it's just not worth making more than a halfway drive to see anyone or do anything.*

Now I find he's moving downstate to another church, which is the Baptist Way, an unwritten code by which Baptist pastors live. Simply stated, you can't stay too long in one place unless you plan to build a Baptist Megachurch,go on TV, and basically construct a monument to yourself.*

This is not my friend's way, however.

He's an honest believer, doubts and all. He's not afraid of questions, or questioning. He knows God is big enough to answer. I respect and trust him. If he's leaving one church to go to another, I fully believe God is in it, and after he prayed about it, he knows it what's he's supposed to do.

However, it does put a kink in our plans to reconnect after a long time.

Oh well, I guess we could go all the way to Fitzgerald. As long as he has boiled peanuts and homemade ice cream waiting when we get there.

We love you, Mike and Debra. Godspeed.

*This may be wrong. Probably is.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

My Head Will Explode

I'm in the car business, although the words "car" and "business" seem mutually exclusive these days. I thought if things got any worse, my head would explode.

I think today may have lit the fuse.

GM's stock fell to its lowest share price since Truman was president. Ford's stock took another hit, falling 22% today alone.

Is that smoke I smell?

And, here on the sales end, it's like the Cadillac Ranch in the Arizona desert, only our vehicles are upright on all four tires and will run. But other than that, it's dry as dust.

Very few people drive in, fewer buy, and the ones who don't buy make ridiculous offers that no dealer can take seriously.

Are those buzzards I see circling?

If I didn't know God was in charge, I'd go insane.

If I didn't have the love of a good--great--woman, I'd be dead by now.

If I didn't have a few good friends, I'd be a goner.

If I didn't believe it will, it must, get better, my head would explode.

But it won't...some days it'll just feel like it has.

Monday, October 6, 2008

I Kan To Spel

I red this morning that a skool in Grate Britin iz gowing to owtlaw speling homwurk becawz it iz to stresfull fore childrun.

Think God my moma didun mak me spel rite end du homwurk whin I wuz groing up or I wud be stresed owt by now.

End, see, I kan to spel gud. So ther.