Thursday, October 9, 2008

My Head Will Explode

I'm in the car business, although the words "car" and "business" seem mutually exclusive these days. I thought if things got any worse, my head would explode.

I think today may have lit the fuse.

GM's stock fell to its lowest share price since Truman was president. Ford's stock took another hit, falling 22% today alone.

Is that smoke I smell?

And, here on the sales end, it's like the Cadillac Ranch in the Arizona desert, only our vehicles are upright on all four tires and will run. But other than that, it's dry as dust.

Very few people drive in, fewer buy, and the ones who don't buy make ridiculous offers that no dealer can take seriously.

Are those buzzards I see circling?

If I didn't know God was in charge, I'd go insane.

If I didn't have the love of a good--great--woman, I'd be dead by now.

If I didn't have a few good friends, I'd be a goner.

If I didn't believe it will, it must, get better, my head would explode.

But it won't...some days it'll just feel like it has.

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Michael Ruffin said...

I feel for anybody trying to do business in this environment. Hang in there, old friend. I'm grateful for what you have to be grateful for. Blessings to you.