Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Government Lies. Again.

I mentioned the CARS program last week. The federal government reported that the top-three selling vehicles under the program were as follows: Toyota Corolla, Honda Civic, and Toyota Camry. It appeared that imports carried the day. Again. By implication it looks like American cars just can't cut it. Again.

The report is true. NOT.

John McElroy at reported that "the government came up with a bizarre way to count Clunker sales and we know now that the DOT counted sales based on the drivetrain in a vehicle, not by its nameplate".

That's like me saying I have one son because the two I do have, have the same "drivetrain".

Daddy used to say "Don't piss on me and tell me it's raining." The government is dumping on Americans and calling it "pudding".

It's not unlike prior administrations. Different faces, different names, same crap.

But it's obvious the Obama administration is hell-bent on destroying anything "made in the USA", especially if it's "built in Detroit"., on the other hand, is not owned or managed by the government, so they have no bias when it comes to reporting facts. According to them, actual sales went like this:

"The way that Edmunds counted sales shows a very different story from the government's numbers. In its report, Ford captured three of the top four positions. The Toyota Corolla, which is at the top of the government's list, falls to number five on Edmunds' list behind the F-150, which didn't even make the government's Top Ten."

Numbers don't lie, of course. You just have to be careful whose numbers you believe.

Our dealership has yet to receive a dollar from Washington on any CARS deal we submitted. Those numbers don't lie.

We have to disable, then crush, all the "clunkers" we traded in, at a labor cost of about $150.00 per vehicle. Those numbers don't lie.

11-6-2012. The next U.S. election for Congress and the President. Those are some numbers I'm looking forward to.

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