Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Welcome, Jackson

My sweetheart and I have a new grand-dog.  His name is Jackson, and he joins our other grand-dog Chief Atticus Berry.

We've had him a little over a week now, in which time he has learned to fetch, talk, drive a tractor, and catch a football.  Okay, okay...he can't really catch a football because he doesn't have thumbs.

He's also marked his ground outside by pooping and peeing everywhere and anywhere he wants to.  Just like a newborn, which he basically is.

In our short time together, he's tried to eat a shoe, learned to love ice cubes, and had worms.

The first thing he's learned he can't, the second I'm okay with, and the third he went to the Dog ER for, where he got a shot after everyone in the place fell in love with him.

He's a handful--all dog with oversized paws and ears and bound to get into more trouble.  And I we love him.

See what I mean:

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bella said...

That's my pup! Feisty, just like his mama.