Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Real News.

I was fortunate enough during my college years to have Billy Watson, then editor of the Macon Telegraph, as one of my professors.  I took a 7am class on newspaper writing from him.

I'll never forget the day he brought in a book entitled All The News Not Fit To Print.  It contained a compilation of "news" articles published over the years by various periodicals which weren't

Well, Billy, I think I found another one.

Forget the Japan earthquake and the tsunami.  Bypass the economy and the uprisings in the Middle East.  This is Real.  News.

Apparently, in the middle Georgia town of Forsyth, an entire section of I-75 was shut down earlier this week. By the Wienermobile.

It was the wurst that could happen, but, on a slow news day this particular reporter must have exclaimed, "Hot Dog!"

Frankly I was surprised that Oscar Meyer (whose bologna has a first AND last name) wasn't in the vehicle at the time.

But I also have it on good authority that Oscar's really a big brat.

Anyway, don't miss the picture of one of Monroe County's finest pulling over the Wienermobile.

The driver was cited for impeding the flow of traffic, escorted to the dog pound, and the vehicle was inspected for further health violations.  The officer was accused of fondling the vehicle's buns.  The vehicle was impounded by Nu-Way Wieners in Macon and was found to be filled with top-quality meat and meat by-products, then topped with chili and slaw and served on a steamed bun.

Eat your heart out, Billy.

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