Saturday, September 24, 2011

Boycotting Georgia.

I know y'all thought I'uz dead, but no...I'm not.

On that note, I read in the AJC today that the filmmaker Michael Moore is telling folks to boycott Georgia over the execution earlier this week of Troy Davis.

I've been boycotting Michael Moore the entire time he's been making movies.  I hope it hurt.

He also ordered his publisher to pull all his books from Georgia bookstores.  I didn't know he could write.

He also told all who would listen not to travel to Georgia.  He's apparently a big proponent of any vehicle which is a hybrid and not made in America.  For the record, I've never seen a Prius on any road besides an Interstate highway, and they've never been going less than 90 miles an hour.  I understand they have great acceleration.

In addition, Mr. Moore (Daddy told me to always show respect to all people, even idiots) directed his followers not to buy anything made in Georgia or do business with anyone in Georgia.  This will eliminate all those who heed the call to boycott IBM, Kia, cotton, chickens, and most vegetables.  The results are predictable.

I, for one, have resolved to continue my boycott of Michael Moore.  And Alec Baldwin.  And most of the Hollywood elites.

But I do issue a personal invitation to them to visit Georgia, the North Georgia mountain area in particular.  We're a hospitable, gracious people up here.

And we own a lot of guns.  And land where we can hide things that will never be found.

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