Saturday, September 29, 2012

Go Braves.

The season is winding down, and I have been to two Atlanta Braves games this year.

Once back in August with my son, Carder, and once this past week with Mama, Susie, The Queen, and The Princess (who had never been to a real major league game...only Spring Training events).

I reconnected with some old friends at the first game. Here's a picture:

Yes, that's me with two of my close friends--Phil Niekro and Charlie Liebrandt just before the game started. Of course, once I arrived at the Plaza most people wanted my autograph, and when this picture made the Web I received countless emails wanting to know who those two guys were with me.

The Braves lost that day.

Last Wednesday we saw the Braves sink the Marlins, and Chipper Jones played. I doubt I'll ever see him in person again, and I tried to stay in-cog-ni-to in order to let him have the spotlight. It worked.

To use a dated and apt quote, A Good Time Was Had By All.

My sister Susie loves the Braves. Always has, always will. Ask here anything about the Chop Boys and she can tell you. My joy last week was watching her enjoy watching them.

Traffic to the game? Terrible. We missed the top of the first inning.

Parking? A chore.

Watching someone I love have a ball? Priceless.

Go Braves.

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