Saturday, August 30, 2008


Today (well, really Thursday) is when fall begins. SEC Football cranks up with my beloved Bulldogs, complete with a brand new UGA (VII) on the field.

I've loved the 'Dogs since I was a child and one of my best friends was a Tech fan. I could never figure that one out, since no one in his family went to GT. But there he was, my best bud, a contrast to the glorious red, white, and black of Georgia with that pitiful Jacket yellow.

So today we play Georgia Southern. Teams like this always scare me, not because they're so good, but because we tend to let our guard down when we think we have the game won before it starts.

Life's that way too. We look out for the obvious boulders and miss the small stumbling blocks. Somebody once said it's not enough to look up all the better look down, too.

Many a small stone has taken down a big man. Think about Goliath.

I hope we don't have a David coming to Athens today.

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