Saturday, May 8, 2010


All my life, I've been surrounded by the absolute best Mamas in the known universe.

Now, before you decide to argue that point with me, let me remind you of what that great philosopher Michael Scott once said:  Don't be an idiot.

My Mama, Ruth, is an absolute firecracker but sweet as honey.  I wrote about her on her birthday this year.  She is something else.  She's mobile, agile, and at times hostile.  She speaks her mind and doesn't mind who knows what she thinks about anything.  I love her with all my heart and wouldn't change her if I could.

She's always been there for me (and lots of others who called her "Mama").  She's sharp as a tack and loves fiercely.  She's a true mountain woman in that respect, like a mama bear who doesn't like her cubs to be messed with.

My sweetheart's Mama, Velma, is one of the sweetest women I've ever known.  The week after Jennie's dad passed away, Velma's kids had to put her in an Alzheimer's facility.  Jennie was the saddest I've seen her in a long time.  And there's no comfort to be given when there are no other choices to be made.

Velma was industrious and hard-working, and that's how I'll choose to remember her.  As one counselor at the facility told Jennie, "When your mom speaks now, that's not her talking.  That's the disease."  God bless her.

Ah, but my sweetheart.  Her Mama capacity is unmatched by any of her friends or relatives.  She loves her children with truth and compassion.  She's always been unwavering in her faith in them and her ability to bring out the best in each one.  John and Carder are "Mama's Boys" and Emily is her "Baby Girl".

Her children have never had any reason to doubt her love for them.  She's supportive and straightforward, compassionate and righteous.  She's a mystery wrapped in an enigma covered by a question.

May that never change.

All three have impacted my life in different ways.  Mama prepared me for Jennie by showing me what a Mama should be.  Velma got Jennie ready for me by being an example of the same.  Emily's preparing for her soulmate with a mantra I keep repeating to her:  watch how a boy treats his Mama;  that's how he'll eventually treat you.

So, on this Mother's Day, I'm thankful for the women--the Mamas--in my life.

God knows where I'd be without them.

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