Saturday, January 8, 2011

Snowmaggedon Is Upon Us. Again.

We had snow on Christmas Day here in the mountains, the first time in 139 years.

Here's a picture (taken Christmas Day afternoon) of the Price Building (the former US Mint) on the campus of North Georgia College and State University, THE Military College of Georgia:
I point out the sparse amount of snow on the ground at NGC only because the forecast over the next couple of days calls for between five and seven inches of snow in Dahlonega.

Panic has already set in.  Milk and bread are selling like the Tribulation has begun, but so are beer and wine.

People are hunkering down for the Great Winter Storm of 2011.  Only time will tell how many countless lives will be lost due to a lack of milk and bread.  Or beer and wine.

At our house, we're bringing wood in because there's sure to be a power outage due to lines freezing, then snapping, and pulling down utility poles on the top of bread and milk trucks.

Tragedy upon tragedy.  All because of some snow.

How do I know this is serious?  Because at noon today, Ken Cook of Channel 5 had his tie loosened and his sleeves rolled up, holding a half-empty glass of milk and a crusty slice of white bread.

I'll report in after the storm subsides.  Or when the supplies run out.

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