Friday, January 14, 2011

The End of Another Era. Again.

David Nelson, the last remaining Nelson of the "Ozzie and Harriet" Nelsons, died this week.

I never knew what Ozzie did for a living.

I never knew what Harriet did around the house, other than say "Ozzie!".

I did know what "Little Ricky" did.  He sang.

"Poor Little Fool", "Travelin' Man", and, of course, "I'm Walkin'".

Yes indeed.

What did David do this entire time?  Smile for the camera.

I never knew what David did either, but he did get married.  And performed in what would become the longest-running sketch comedy series of all time.

Yes indeed.

And outlived his family.

Ozzie and Harriet represented what every American family wanted to be--stable, secure, good-looking kids, all of it, right down to the white picket fence (oh, wait, that was "Leave It To Beaver").

The good old days.  If only they were here again.

Yes indeed.

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