Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snowmageddon II

It snowed again in the mountains yesterday afternoon.  This morning, every idiot driver in the county was on the road.

We got about three inches of the white stuff at our house on Still Road.  As I left this morning and pulled onto Ben Higgins Road a Jeep Wrangler was passing by, so I let it go ahead of me.  First mistake.

That vehicle did not go over ten miles an hour the rest of the way, from Ben Higgins to Auraria to Burnt Stand, a distance of about five miles.  Which took us 24 minutes to traverse.

I'd rather not say who was driving the Jeep, but thank God she didn't turn left at Burnt Stand or I'd still be driving.  However, another vehicle did turn in front of me onto that road.  And proceeded to drive ten miles an hour for the two miles it stretches to Georgia 400.  Which took us 9 minutes travel time.  I could have flown to warmer climates in less time.

I will not mention what sex she was either.

Now, I'm not opposed to women driving.  I'm married to a woman driver.  But she knows how to drive in the snow.  She knows you drive safely, not slowly, which most of the time leads to someone's vehicle ending up in the ditch.

That didn't happen this morning.  But don't think I didn't consider it.

Our dealership has a truck parked out front with banners advertising our Body Shop.  Last night some industrious art students decided that it would be a great idea to add to the display by building a snow...appendage of a male body part.  There are so many things to say here, all of them wrong.

Let's just say it was an accurate representation, which I proceeded to take pictures of before it melts.  I sent them to everyone I knew who appreciated great works of art.  I haven't heard back from any of them yet, but I'm sure I will.

The ice sculpture made up for the time it took to get here.  Now if I can only get that image out of my mind.

I'll never look at that truck the same way again.