Thursday, January 21, 2010

Check's In The Mail

So....NBC is paying Conan O'Brien $45 million to disappear.  Not bad for a few months' work. 

I have an idea.

If GM will pay me half that amount--$22.5 million--I'll stop selling Fords.  And I'll even entice some of my co-workers to leave with me, sharing the wealth the American way.  Even though it was my idea.

My limited understanding is that Jay Leno wanted his old job back, and NBC was still on the hook with him for a truckload of cash.  And that O'Brien as host of "The Tonight Show" sucked.

There were other alternatives batted around:  moving "The Jay Leno Show" to the 11:35pm slot, keeping Conan as "The Tonight Show" host and moving it to 12:35am.  Which would make it "The Early Tomorrow Morning Show", effectively retiring the "Tonight" name.  And Jimmy Fallon--the funniest of the three--would be pitted against every infomercial available.

NBC must stand for No Body Cares.  I miss Johnny Carson.

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bella said...

Let's talk about how that money could be better dispersed to better causes. O.M.G.