Saturday, January 16, 2010

Family Matters

Since my post about the numerous attempts on my life, I've been chastened by friends and family alike.  Thankfully none of them have tried to kill me.  Yet.

Oh, I've deserved to die, or at least be seriously wounded.  At times I've lived in such a way that I wanted to die.  But no more.

My family saved my life.

There's my sweetheart, Jennie.  When the preacher said "'til death do us part" she didn't hesitate.  When he said "for better or worse" he probably should have read a disclaimer.  She didn't know how worse worse would be.  Nor did I.

But she stood strong, tall, and by me.  I'll be forever grateful, and in love with her.

Now let me say right here that our parents and their parents and so on laid the groundwork for who we, and our children, are, but for brevity's sake I'm simplifying who got what from whom.  It's like that great theologian Michael Scott once said:  "I want all of the credit and none of the blame."  If only that could be so.

John Nathan, our oldest child, is a brilliant young man with a sharp mind and wit to match.  He reminds me of me, especially his sarcastic wit.  It's a gift.  And a curse.  But he also has a kind spirit;  he'll do anything within his power to help anybody he can.  That's cost him in the past.  But one thing's for sure:  you'll always know where he stands on an issue.  He's not arrogant, just blunt.  And right.

Jason Carder, the "middle child", is so much like my late father that it's scary.  His heart, his mannerisms, his personality...he even looks like Daddy.  He has a heart of gold and the goods to back it up.  He, too, has the gift/curse of sarcasm, which, when used sparingly and wisely, is unnerving.

Emily Brooke...what can I say?  She's her mama up and down.  She's sensitive and sweet, tough and tender.  She expects the best from herself--and others--and that can be a deadly combination.  She's going to make some undeserving man a great wife.  If only he can handle her.  She's my princess.

My Mama and sister Susie live about ten minutes away from us.  Mama wants to just give and give and give, until she's worn out.  She makes the best biscuits you can put in your mouth.  If you took a plate of her biscuits and put them on top of your head, your tongue would fly up and slap your brains out.  She's always believed in me and stood behind me, no matter what.  John gets his "bluntness" from her.  You may not like what she says, but you won't misunderstand what she means.  She prays for me and my family, and we can feel it.  She's a rock...and I love her.

Susie is a jewel.  Got a question about sports (particularly her Braves)?  She knows the answer.  I picked her up from the hospital after having a cardiac stint put in and all the way home we talked about SportsCenter.  In the hospital, she watched ESPN.  There's not another like her in the world.  If there ever was a saint, Susie's one.

Family matters.  When all is said and done, they're really all that matters.

And mine is the best.  Just ask 'em.