Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I was watching the news this morning and I saw a clip of VP Joe Biden giving President Obama a man-hug and whispering loudly something in his ear.

Apparently it wasn't "congratulations, sir."

More than one report showed Joe Biden saying as he embraced the President, "This is a big f**king deal."

I'm not sure what he was referring to, but I think it was the health care bill.  At least I hope it was.

Now, I'm no prude.  I've done my share of cussing, sometimes justifiably, sometimes carelessly.  But I wasn't raised that way.

Mama and Daddy didn't cuss, except on those rare occasions when they used the most expressive word in the English language.  You figure it out;  if you can't, ask me.

Given Joe Biden's history of plagiarism, I think I know where he got it from:  either Batman, the Road Runner, or both.

I watched Batman when I was young, and anytime he would hit--yes, physically strike--a criminal, a cartoon balloon would pop up with "!@#$%^&*!" in it.  I knew the criminal was stating the obvious;  he was getting the snot beat out of him and expressing his emotions.

I watched Wile E. Coyote try to catch the Road Runner using the latest weapon from Acme, and fail.  Another balloon would pop up with--you guessed it--"!@#$%^&*!" in it. 

It didn't take rocket surgery to figure out what they were saying.  And I'm pretty sure Wiki Joe got his word from one of these cartoons.

So there they were, the President and Vice-President of the greatest nation in the world, standing on the precipice of "change" on a scale unseen since the 1960s, and all he can think of to say is "This is a big f**king deal."  Classy.  And Vice-Presidential.  No wonder they put "vice" before "president".

I'll tell you the big f**king deal:  a "health-care" plan with no funding, no plan, no parameters other than those hammered out in some back-room deal that taxpayers will pay for.  From now on.

Remember, government never gives you anything that they don't take away from somebody else.

Oh,  I remember now.  Daddy did cuss when he felt he was wronged by the government.

He'd comment "They screwed me without even kissing me first."

At least the President got a hug.  I think I know what we're getting.

Please, oh please, just kiss me first.


Trey said...

Have you ever thought of running for office? You've got my vote!!

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