Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Snowmageddon III

I hope--hope--this is the last time this year I'll have to say something about this.

We got around nine inches of snow yesterday between 5am and 1pm.  This translates to A) an inordinate number of idiot drivers 3) an unbearable number of "Special Weather Statements!" and D) more stupid questions than you can imagine.  Well, maybe not.

Anytime I hear someone say something stupid, I'm reminded of Keith Olbermann, when he co-anchored SportsCenter on ESPN, before he ran out to left field and stayed there.  He once said, "Remember, there are no stupid questions--only stupid people who ask questions." 

They all live in North Georgia.

Sometimes it's not questions, but observations, that make my head hurt.  One guy here at work, in the midst of the blizzard, observed that "if it keeps on like this them cars will be covered up before long." 

You think?

Another Florida transplant observed that "the wind makes it really cold out here."


Here are the facts: 

It's early March, time for the last cold spell before Spring is sprung and things turn green again. 

When it snows long enough and hard enough, cars, trucks, and everything else will eventually be covered up.

Wind makes cold weather colder.  Always.

Ken Cook did NOT take his coat off, roll his sleeves up, or loosen his tie at any point during the snowstorm, therefore there was never really anything to worry about.

I still miss Guy Sharpe, now more than ever.

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