Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Apparently, All Baptists Are Deaf

I was raised in a Southern Baptist church, went to a (then) Georgia Baptist university, and pastored a few Baptist churches.

I work with people who are Methodists, Charismatic, Baptist, and "no preference".

But I sincerely believe all Baptists are deaf.

I had a Baptist pastor in here a couple of weeks ago, a gentleman who had purchased a vehicle from me before. I relate well to pastors, seeing how I was one. It's a blessing. And a curse.

But what I noticed most about this man was his incessant reply to my every statement with a "huh?".

I told him the car's name. "Huh?"

I gave him the price. "Huh?"

I showed him the payments. "Huh?"

After he signed the paperwork my finance manager asked me if the pastor was hard of hearing. I couldn't resist.


I then told him I didn't think the good Doctor (he insisted on being called by the title) was deaf, just Baptist. He replied by telling me that if this guy was an example of being a Christian, he'd pass. Of course.

There's a marked difference between hearing and listening. Some people do one and not the other. Some people do neither. I've watched with dismay as the Baptist faith I grew up with has been disrespected, divided, and dismantled. All because folks won't listen to each other. The people in charge put the "mental" in "fundamental". I'm siding with the finance manager.

This morning one of this pastor's church members (a dealership employee) asked me a question. I gave the answer, to which she replied, "What?"

Maybe not all Baptists are deaf. Just the ones from this particular church.

But I don't think so.