Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Elvisity of Christmas

I've avoided this subject for a long time, but I think something needs to be said about Elvis' connection to Christmas.  Just consider the parallels:

The words "elvis" and "elves" are awfully similar.  Both contain the same number of letters.  Both have consonants and vowels.  Only one letter is different, and that's "i" which rhymes with "pie" and I like pecan pie.  Strange.

Santa lives at the North Pole in seclusion and you only see him once a year.  Elvis lives at Graceland and hasn't been seen since 1977.  Coincidence or conspiracy?

Santa likes to wear jumpsuits.  So does Elvis.  Weird.

Santa rides around in a custom-made sleigh with lots of bling.  Elvis rode around in pink and purple Cadillacs which were also custom-made.  Wow.

Christmas is December 25.  Elvis's birthday is January 8.  Both are in months of the year, and both are on a day in that month.  Eerie.

Elvis sings "Santa Claus Is Back In Town" as though he's singing about himself being Santa.  So far, there's no conclusive proof to refute this theory that Santa and Elvis are the same person.  Unbelievable.

Elvis loved Christmas.  Santa loves Christmas.

The connection is obvious.

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