Monday, December 7, 2009

My Favorite Christmas Songs. Ever.

After a previous post I wanted to give equal time to my prejudiced list of the best Christmas songs.  There are so many awful ones the list goes on forever, and so few you can name them on your fingers.  The list is totally subjective, and I'm skipping the traditional carols, since they're a given.  Get on your sleigh and let's go.

"Christmas In Dixie", Alabama.  The best line in the entire song:  "and maybe down in Memphis, Graceland's up in lights"...Christmas anywhere else just ain't the same.

"Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas", James Taylor.  It took him forty years to do a Christmas album, and this song is the best of the bunch.

"Little Saint Nick", The Beach Boys.  Who'da thunk the Beach Boys, in their heyday, would have a holiday hit that sounded just like the rest of their songs?  Their banker, that's who.  But I like it.

"Jingle Bell Rock", Brenda Lee.  A lot of artists have covered this one, but Little Brenda Lee has the lock on it.  With those deep lyrics, it must have taken minutes to write.  A classic.

"Please Come Home For Christmas", Eagles.  I always thought, with a few modifications, this would make a great Christmas song for church use.  Apparently grief, sorrow, and pain don't contribute to the joy of the season.  Who knew?

"Same Old Lang Syne", Dan Fogelberg.  Okay, the only thing this song has to do with Christmas is the first line.  But I'm a sucker for sad songs, and this one has sadness running over.  Excuse me while I weep.

"Santa Claus Is Back In Town", Elvis Presley.  You need to hear this song.  But you can't find it online, so let me share some lyrics:  "Got no sleigh or reindeer, No pack on my back, You'll see me coming, In a big black Cadillac".  Yeah, baby.  I'll take some blues with my eggnog.

"Blue Christmas", Elvis Presley.  Down at the end of Lonely Street in the lobby of Heartbreak Hotel, there's a tree all decked out in blue lights.  Righteous.

Merry Christmas, Baby.  From Graceland to your house.

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